Weight Loss Success Stories

Here’s our list of weight loss success stories. There are a lot out of these stories out there, and some of them are actually true. Read between the lines and take everything with a grain of salt. Many stories are hyped up versions of the real deal: hard work on the part of the person who succeeded in achieving his or her weight loss goal.

Check out some of our thoughts on celebrities that have been extensively photographed before and after weight loss. It’s truly amazing that many celebrities manage to do these things. This kind of weight loss success may seem unbelievable and unrealistic to ordinary folks, but there are some great inexpensive tips to be had from the experience of these people.

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The celebrity diets that we can’t resist reading about all have stories behind them. Most of these weight loss success stories become popular because the person endorsing a certain program that was the method for the weight loss is a celebrity.

Our favorite celebrity weight loss stories are those that happened to celebrities who were more vocal about their struggle to lose the weight. These celebrities faced everything from the jaded indifference of their peers to ridicule by others when they went public with their intentions to lose weight. It’s not easy being in the limelight and having to admit that you’re struggling with weight loss. But these celebrities did it! One has to ask what their motivation may be for going public with their weight loss? They may have been after attention, sure, but the important thing is that the whole world benefitted from their successful experience.

Here is a list of our favorite weight loss success stories from celebrities:

- Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss
- John Goodman Weight Loss
- Josh Peck Weight Loss
- Kirstie Alley Weight Loss
- Rachel Ray Weight Loss

Finally, we have some of the best stories on the topic of Weight Loss Before and After. People thinking of losing weight may often feel like they’re not making progress at all. The negativity that comes after a certain plateau in the diet can do in a lot of people. During these times when you’re mentally exhausted and emotionally whipped because you think you’re doing all this work for nothing, you can get inspired by reading about Weight Loss Motivation.