Before and After Weight Loss

There are so many before and after weight loss photos out there! You have to admire the guts of these people to show off their bodies before they lost all the weight, and again after they lost the weight. Some dieters go the extra mile and show off their improvement step-by-step, at intervals.

But of course, being aware that technology can do a lot to improve a photo, we are skeptical. How do we know if the before and after weight loss photos are real? After all, the weight loss industry generates the biggest profit among all the sub-industries of the health field. It’s difficult to believe claims just by looking at a person’s photos before and after weight loss.

It’s not that every single one of the photos we see online is not legit. Some photos are really from users that have succeeded in weight loss! Claims of weight loss are believable only if…

1. The Diet Method Works

Diet plans abound, and if you’ve been reading the other pages of this website before you got to this one, you know just how some diet plans vary in terms of strategy. If the strategy is viable, the weight loss claims may be legit.

What are the characteristics of diets that work? Many of today’s diet plans are fads. By fads we mean the diets that only make a person lose weight for a certain duration. After the diet, or when the person can no longer afford the requirements of staying on the diet (medication, drinks, injections, etc.), the person’s body returns to normal. He continues to gain weight until the next fad diet comes along.

2. An Exercise Regimen is Included

Many before and after weight loss photos show people go from their totally obese state to extremely sculpted or buffed. Those that believe these “after” bodies are only due to the diet plan are deluding themselves. Abdominal muscles on men and women show up after weeks or even months of rigorous training. Those already in perfectly fit form may have done more than diet like crazy. Thus, if you truly intend to have that beautiful “after” photo, you should combine diet and exercise.

Luckily for us, many effective diet plans that aren’t hard on the budget exist. Some are more effective than others. The most effective diet plans are those that can be integrated into a person’s lifestyle effortlessly. This means the food requirements for the diet are readily accessible and there are no expensive supplements to buy.

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