Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

For a time, people have been talking about the huge amount of weight shed by Jennifer Hudson. We all know Jennifer Hudson from American Idol, and now from Dreamgirls. In both shows, she is known as the big boned diva and the public liked her the way her body was. But now that she has lost most of that weight, people are asking: what is the Jennifer Hudson weight loss story?

She used to be overweight, and she rose to fame despite that she isn’t as shapely or thin as the other singers on American Idol and the music world in general. She took a temporary leave from the entertainment industry when tragedy struck her family. But she came out of a temporary respite from performing with a new perspective: she will lose the excess weight.

The now-famous Jennifer Hudson weight loss has been panned by fans and critics alike. The pace at which she lost around 80 pounds was staggering. She shares her experiences through her book, and through social media outlets. Besides sharing her experiences, she also had to bear with rumors and feedbacks from fans and detractors alike. Some say she has bulimia, a psychological disease that has killed many young dieters already.

But Jennifer Hudson did not pay attention to such rumors. She looks healthy and now has that jaw-dropping figure that’s making her weight loss as famous as her songs. Instead, she revealed the real reason why she’s losing weight so fast. Apparently, she joined weight watchers.

Weight Watchers is a global organization of women and men that support each other in their goals to lose weight. It’s also a business that sells diet products and programs to their members. The registration isn’t free, as the members and the founders put value in their membership offers. Sessions with professionals and online coachings are also not free unless the member becomes a ‘lifetime’ member. A lifetime member is someone that managed to reach his or her weight loss goals and maintained the same weight for a long time.

Obviously, this approach to weight loss has worked for Jennifer Hudson. Look at her now! Many people look forward to red carpet photos just to see if she has slimmed down or if she has gone back to her pre-diet weight. It can’t be helped; she’s a celebrity and people are still in shock that she actually did it.

Weight Watchers counterparts all over the world are proponents of diets that help form healthy eating habits. More or less, there is no set food restriction, but there is a limit to the quantity of food that a member consumes. Unprocessed foods are also preferred. Weight Watchers’ main goal is to keep the quantity of food low to create a calorie deficit according to the constitution of the person and his or her weight loss goals. The consultants help measure the quantity of food consumed so that a limit can be set. A complementing diet plan may be used to come up with a list of preferred food choices for a particular person.

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