John Goodman Weight Loss

John Goodman is a prime example of someone who was in a yoyo diet before he finally found a diet plan that worked for him. His journey, like many of us know all too well, was not easy. In 2005, John Goodman weight loss was becoming a necessity for him to continue living. It got that bad. After being told by doctors that he would die soon if he didn’t lose weight, he went on a yoyo diet that stems from his inability to let go of his beer addiction.

John Goodman’s battle with obesity lasted for ten years. Recently, he decided to become sober and his body became more receptive to dieting and exercise. Rumors claim that he had undergone gastric bypass, which is a ‘cheat’ in weight loss. Gastric bypass is a major surgery that would drastically reduce the food capacity of the stomach. This means the individual will feel full faster than usual. It’s a dangerous procedure that could lead to complications later.

People were pleasantly surprised to see John Goodman appear in talk shows to discuss the now-famous John Goodman weight loss. He admits that the dieting and exercising will always be a part of his life, and he has more fat to burn. He is currently monitoring the fat composition in his body so that he can attain a healthy ratio of fat and muscle. The result: a handsome old man that any woman would want to be with. He looks several decades younger, and girls are noticing!

A source later said that John Goodman weight loss just went up to 200 pounds. What we know for sure is that he started at 368 pounds and lost more than 100 pounds. He owns an elliptical machine and is on a low-sugar diet. Letting go of his love for beer made it possible for him to lose that much weight.

Like many obese individuals, losing weight and keeping the weight off became the greatest challenge of his life. His epiphany came when he realized that he’s too big. He cut out calories by removing sugar from his diet, and he works out. He eats, vegetables, smoothies and whey protein powder, and soy products as a substitute to milk. Lean proteins like those from turkey and chicken breast are his main courses.

It is said that John Goodman is exercising six days every week. For a man who’s dealing with his weight at his age, this is impressive. Regular work outs kept stress at bay, which is great because his problems keep him eating and drinking.

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