Rachael Ray Weight Loss

Unless you’re from another planet, you know the effervescent TV show host Rachael Ray. She made thirty minute meals popular, and has written so many books on great food. It’s not surprising when she got progressively bigger on television. It may be the food, or it may be the stress of celebrity stardom. But we all love her unconditionally, regardless of her weight.

However, the news on Rachael Ray weight loss has dominated almost all discussions about this celebrity chef and television host. While everyone understand why she has become overweight, it still boggles the mind that she can lose so much weight in no time while she’s still doing the same things she used to do when she was on her way to being overweight. She’s slimmer now, and she looks great! The good thing is that people can see her transforming with every episode of her show.

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The topic of Rachael Ray Weight Loss questions would inevitably lead to personal questions. Does she eat the recipes she has written and created? Her curvy figure is now curvier and she admits to being 2-3 sizes smaller than she once was. How she did it when she shows herself cooking tasty food every single day boggles the mind.

So what’s the secret of the Rachael Ray Weight Loss?

The first major factor to her weight loss was to understand how fat is really stored in the body.

And then she changed her routine to take advantage of that new knowledge.

Like many celebrities that finally drop the extra weight and keep it off, she figured out how to trigger her “fat switch.”

She used a program of good eating and exercise that flipped the fat burning switch. And, once she really started to notice the weight easily dropping off, she became even more motivated and changed her daily routines… now she feels more energetic every day.

Discovering the “Fat Switch”

As humans there is some genetic programming we get passed down from our ancestors – it is called the Fat Switch. And when this fat switch is on, there is almost nothing you can do to lose weight and keep it off… at least not in the long term.

But if you can turn this fat switch off then your body WANTS to be thin and weight loss becomes easy and almost automatic.

You simply crave less food, your metabolism speeds up and your body becomes very efficient at burning fat. Your body starts working with you in your weight loss effort and you become a fat burning machine.

The problem with dieting? It turns the fat switch on.

So even though you lose weight in the short term, it makes your body want to GAIN weight. So you become hungrier and you crave fattening foods, your metabolism slows down and your body loses the ability to burn fat well.

This is something that Jon Gabriel shares in his personal weight loss journey.

Excerpts from Jon Gabriel’s personal weight loss journey.

It’s comforting and inspiring.

“Maybe you saw my story on Today Tonight or on A Current Affair? Or perhaps you may have heard Muhammad Ali’s daughter, Khaliah, talk about me on various talk shows in the US like The Today Show, and Entertainment Tonight?…”











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