Weight Loss Before and After

If you’re one of the people who dream of posting your own before and after photos, then you may want to know what to do so that you can. First, you need a diet plan. Next, you need to understand how to measure your weight loss in terms of inches. Here are some tips to creating your very own weight loss before and after profile.

1. Create a Diet Journal

Starting a diet journal is a challenge because you’re forced to “report” your progress every single day. This is like having a boss you have to please at the end of the day. On the upside, you would feel like a fool if you cheat on your diet and you write down that you’ve followed the plan for the day. After all, you’re reporting to yourself and to no one else.
A diet journal will also keep you sane. In it, you can write everything from the food items you consumed to your feelings about the current weight loss plan. Use the journal to post your photos so you can motivate yourself to keep going.

2. Keep Your Old Clothes

One highlight of weight loss before and after photos is the ‘old clothes on the new me’ photo. Take a photo of yourself wearing your bigger size clothing. When you start losing weight, you’ll probably have to keep buying new clothes. Keep the old ones to remind yourself how big you were when you started. Just seeing yourself in your old clothes can make you feel better about the sacrifice you are doing.

Moreover, old clothes are great for proving that you are on the right track. Some go as far as to hang their old clothes nearby when doing their workouts or when cooking healthy meals. We all do what we have to do to lose weight, and to tell the people around us that we did it.

3. Use a Good Diet Plan

A good diet plan is something that will show results during the estimated time. Don’t rush to pick any diet plan. Research the truth about diets before starting on any diet.

Lastly, don’t feel bad when your weight loss before and after photos are not as spectacular as those of other people, especially celebrities. There are photo-editing software and tools out there that could transform any photo for promotional purposes. Just do it at your own pace, and feel great about losing weight and making progress.

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